How to move around

If you are tired of walking around the villa you have also these options:

  1. Taxi: To Arenal Beach from 6 to 10€ each way (price for 2021), you may also contact by WhatsApp and Messenger on the mobile number below (Lubo and Irene):

auto taxi

  1. Tourist train (for 2020: from 10 AM-2 PM and 5-11 PM): stop in south parking in Arenal.  Prices 2020: adults: 4€. Children: 2,50€.
  2. Bus. Cala Blanca bus stop is right behind Hotel Saladar at 220 meters from the villa. General prices for 2021: 1,50€. You can check the family discounts below or in

horarios bustabla precios bus

  1. Car rental: you can walk to Arenal and get your car in Solcar.
  2. Segway, quad, bicycle, motorbike: Segway Javea also in Arenal.